SNOMOMS members enjoy the benefit of buying and selling used baby clothes and gear within our club. We also offer sales open to the public when possible. A portion of all proceeds go directly to the club to help support our outreach programs and club activities.


SNOMOMS Clothing & Equipment Garage Sales
If you are interested in receiving information on any public sales we have coming up please email us at

Items we sell include:

  • Clothes & Shoes — preemies to big kids
  • Cribs, changing tables, bassinets
  • Car seats, single & double strollers
  • High chairs, potty chairs, swings
  • Exersaucers, play gyms, carriers
  • Rattles, dolls, games, puzzles, books
  • Videos, DVDs, toys
  • Nursery decorations, crib bedding
  • Maternity clothing, nursing equipment
  • Outdoor toys, play equipment
  • Lots of multiples targeted baby & toddler gear

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